Graduate Seminar, Oct. 25th

Speaker: Jakub Sierchuła

Title: “Multi-criterial comparative analysis of the generating units at nuclear and conventional power plants on selected examples”

Abstract: The talk presents a comparative analysis of nuclear power plant with the conventional coal-fired power plants on hard coal and ignite. It focuses on the structure and principle of operation of the abovementioned units, specified their parameters and appointed their main technical and economic indicators. It contains specific description of nuclear units, wherein the nuclear power plant with AP1000 reactor was described, starting with general information, through the characteristics of thermal cycles, structural elements, auxiliary devices and fuel cycle. The next part presents construction and explains the principle of work of supercritical steam units. As an example of these kind of units there are presented two supercritical power plants: Jaworzno III and Belchatow. Both units have been described in detail, including their parameters and devices’ characteristics. Analysis focuses on the thermodynamic, operational, environmental and economic factors.

Venue: Room 22, Tuesday Oct. 25th 2016, 9:00 A.M.