Graduate Seminar, Nov. 22nd

Speaker: Dobromił Załoga

Title: Study of soft X-rays emission from PF-1000U discharges performed during the recent experimental campaign

Abstract: This presentation reports on measurements of soft x-rays emitted from hot plasmas produced in a modernised PF-1000U facility. The discharges were performed at the D2-filling with or without a Ne-admixture, under the initial pressure 0.9 or 1.5 torr and at the initial charging voltage 16 or 18 kV. Time-integrated x-ray images were recorded with a pinhole camera situated side-on at an angle of 75º to the z-axis. Differences in the pinch column structure were observed. Time-resolved measurements were performed with four PIN diodes located behind filtered pinholes. Two couples of PIN diodes (with Be-filters of 7 and 10 um in thickness) observed 30-mm-dia. regions which had a centre at a distance of 30 and 60 mm form the electrode outlets. From the time-resolved signals electron temperatures (Te) were estimated. For the pure D2-discharges the estimated Te values ranged from 75 to 250 eV depending on the discharge conditions. For discharges with a Ne-admixture Te values amounted to above 1 keV.