Graduate Seminar, 5th November

Speaker: Albin Nilsson

Title: Lorentz Violation and Extra Dimensions with Gravity Probe B

Abstract: The satellite experiment Gravity Probe B uses four gyroscopes to test General Relativity using the gravity well of the Earth through the de Sitter and Lens-Thirring effects. However, the errors from this experiment are quite large, which allows for alternative explanations of the data through modifications of General Relativity. In this talk I will describe the theory and experimental setup of Gravity Probe B, along with its main results. I will then outline how these results could be used to put constraints on some of the Standard Model Extension (SME) parameters, which is an effective field theory framework for Lorentz and CPT violation. Finally, I will describe how this discrepancy between theory and experiment could be attributed to the existence of extra spatial dimensions.