Graduate seminar, 16th May

Speaker: Michał Palczewski

Title: „Detailed illustration of accuracy of presently used nuclear-mass models”

Abstract: The accuracy of used nuclear – mass models plays important role in nuclear research and is still being developed by different scientific groups. During the seminar I would like to focus more on that topic mentioned in my last talk. Different approaches to this problem give different accuracies but the precision of each model varies in different regions of nuclear chart. This can be represented by simple but very useful and detailed pictures showing the deviations between masses (experimental and theoretical one) for each nucleus. Later these data can be applied in research, e.g. in improvements of known models and in the prediction of values of masses of still unknown isotopes; with the predictive power seen mostly in macro-micro models. However, what should be mentioned, especially with other models, a model predicting well known masses doesn’t have to work well in the prediction of unknown ones, showing the problem of need of using appropriate models in a given area of the research.