Nils Albin Nilsson

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests

  1. Confronting Theory with Cosmological Data
  2. Lorentz Invariance Violation
  3. Models of Gravity

List of Publications

  1. Nils A. Nilsson, “Preferred-frame Effects, the H0 Tension, and Probes of Hořava-Lifshitz Gravity“, arXiv version (under review)
  2. Nils A. Nilsson, Kellie O’Neal-Ault, Quentin G. Bailey, “A 3+1 Decomposition of the Minimal Standard-Model Extension Gravitational Sector”, arXiv version, Citations: 3
  3. Nils.A.Nilsson, Ewa Czuchry
    Lorentz Violating Hořava-Lifshitz Gravity in Light of new Data”,  Phys.Dark Univ. C23 (2019) 100253, I.F 6.509, Citations: 7
  4. Nils A. Nilsson, Mariusz P. Dabrowski
    Energy Scale of Lorentz Violation in Rainbow Gravity“, Phys.Dark Univ. 18 (2017) 115-122I.F 5.425, Citations: 4
  5. M.Fairbairn, N.A.Nilsson, J.Ellis, J.Hinton, R.White
    The CTA Sensitivity to Lorentz-Violating Effects on the Gamma-Ray Horizon”
    JCAP 1406 (2014) 005, I.F 5.81, Citations: 27

Conference/Seminar talks

  1. Aspects of Lorentz Violation in Gravity & Cosmology” – Paris Observatory, Paris, France, 2019-10-17
  2. Antisymmetric Tensors in Friedmann Cosmology” – 6th Conference of the Polish Society of Relativity, Szczecin, Poland, 2019-09-26
  3. “A 3+1 Decomposition of the Minimal Standard-Model Extension Gravitational Sector” – Eight Meeting on CPT and Lorentz Symmetry, Bloomington, USA, 2019-05-15
  4. “Successes and Problems of the ΛCDM Model” – Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Prescott, USA, 2019-04-05
  5. “Hořava-Lifshitz Cosmology in Light of new Data” (talk and poster) – Testing Gravity 2019, Vancouver, Canada, 2019-01-22
  6. “Cosmological Evolution in Lorentz Breaking Gravity” (poster)IUCSS Summer School on the Lorentz and CPT violating Standard Model Extension, Bloomington USA, 2018-06-19
  7. “Toward Quantum Gravity Phenomenology” – Singularities in General Relativity and their Quantum Fate, Warsaw, 2018-05-25
  8. “Probing Hořava-Lifshitz Cosmology” – SpringCosmo18, Zeuten, Germany, 2018-05-18
  9. “Searching for Lorentz Invariance Violation in
    Theories with Modified Dispersion Relations” – 3rd Azores School on Observational Cosmology, Azores, Portugal, 2017-08-28
  10. “Quantum Gravity, Lorentz Violation, and Rainbows” – University of Szczecin, 2016-12-09
  11.  “Quantum Gravity, Lorentz Violation, and Rainbows” – NCBJ, Warsaw, 2016-10-11
  12. “Astrophysical Probes of Models of Quantum Gravity” – International Conference for Physics Students, Heidelberg, Germany, 2014-08-14
  13. “Gamma-ray Bursts and Their Use in Cosmology” – Kindergarten of Theoretical Physics, Lądek-Zdrój, 2013-02-15

PhD Courses Attended

  1. Advanced General Relativity – Spring 2019. Completed
  2. On the use of Evolutionary Methods in Metric Theories of Gravity – Autumn 2018. Completed
  3. Quantum Theory in Curved Spacetime – Autumn 2018. Completed
  4. Topics in Data Science – Spring 2018. Completed
  5. Elements of Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Field Theory – 2017/2018. Completed
  6. Models of Quantum Gravity – Autumn 2016 Completed

Pasteura 7, room 422