Artem Poliszczuk

Research Interests

  1. Machine Learning
  2. Galaxy Evolution
  3. Observational Cosmology

Start of PhD studies

September 2017

Seminars and conference talks

  1. “Fuzzy logic svm based classification for large astronomical data sets”,  (Conference) EWASS 2017 – European Weak of Astronomy and Space Science, 26-30 June, Prague 2017.
  2. “Application of fuzzy logic to data mining in sky surveys”, 3rd Cosmology School, 10-23 July, Cracow.
  3. “Searching for the previously unknown classes of objects in the AKARI-NEP Deep data with fuzzy logic SVM algorithm”, AKARI 2017 – The Cosmic Wheel and the Legacy of the AKARI archive: from galaxies and stars to planets and life, 17-20 October, Tokyo.


  1. Academic year 2017
    – Quantum Mechanics and Elements of Quantum Field Theory (NCBJ)

Hoża 69,  room 2